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Smart Home Information

How Do I Access My Smart Home Portal? Toggle

Go to your Resident Portal and click on “Smart Home.” Click the arrow on the top right of your screen to view the menu options and click on Smart Home to access your Smart Home portal. Click “My Devices” to gain control of all your Smart Home devices.

How Do I Access My Door Lock System? Toggle

Once you are logged into your Smart Home portal, click “View” on the door lock box to view, manage and create new access codes.

How Do I Create New Door Access Codes?
In the door lock box, click “View” and then “+ Add Code” to create a new access code.

Can I Prevent a Door Access Code From Being Used After It’s Been Generated?
Yes! Door access codes can be given a date range in the setup. However, door access codes do not automatically expire.

How Do I Control My Thermostat? Toggle

From your Smart Home portal, go to the T-Stat box to access your thermostat and click “View” to make any adjustments. Click “Apply Changes” when complete.

How Does the Leak Detection Feature Work? Toggle

The leak detection sensor will trigger an alarm when water is detected. From your Smart Home portal, go to the top of your screen and click the red “View Alarms” button to view and clear alarms as needed.

How Do I Pair My Smart Home System To My Own Wi-Fi? Toggle

When logged into your Smart Home portal, a green dot box located on the top left of your screen will display how your smart home is currently connected. For example, it will display “Connected via cellular network.” Click that box to scan for and connect to available Wi-Fi networks.

What If I Have Issues Or Questions About My Smart Home? Toggle

We would be happy to address your concerns and help with any questions you may have. Please contact Tricon Residential’s dedicated resident services center at 855 676 1680.

Smart Home Controller

What to do if the Smart Home Controller Is Offline / Non-responsive? Toggle

Are all lights on controller solid? If not:
Power Cycle Controller

  • Follow “Power Cycle Procedures” document/video. Procedures as follows:
  • Controller Model #1: disconnect from power, remove bottom cover, switch on/off switch off, wait 10 seconds return switch on, install bottom cover, wait for controller to reboot and restore connection.
  • Controller Model #2: If controller doesn’t have a bottom cover, disconnect power supply input to controller, wait for 10 seconds return power connection to controller, wait for controller to reboot and restore connection.
  • Controller Model #3: Use paperclip to press & release 3 times quickly in the controller reset hole and then disconnect power cable. After controller has been offline for 30+ seconds, reconnect power.

Controller won’t connect to cell:
Connect Controller to Ethernet of WiFi

  • Connect controller via ethernet to resident’s internet router. After controller is connected, resident can scan and connect controller to WiFi. Controller can then be disconnected from ethernet/router and returned to installation location.
What to do if the controller status is Unit Busy in BH247? Toggle

Verify communication with controller:

  • Controller likely has a weak cell connection and is not connected via ethernet or WiFi. Connect to resident supplied internet.
  • Power cycle per procedure outlined above.

Smart Lock Troubleshooting

What should I do if the lock keypad does not respond? Toggle

Door is open and accessible:

  • Press each keypad button for response when pressed.
  • Check batteries are installed and oriented correctly (polarity) in the battery case.
  • Check batteries are in good condition; replace batteries if discharged.
  • Check to see if cable is fully connected and not pinched.

Door is locked and inaccessible:

  • Batteries may be completely discharged.
  • Use key to gain entry and replace batteries.
What should I do if the smart lock does not respond remotely? Toggle

If the keypad is working and batteries are okay:

  • Verify if lock will successfully Poll. If not, bring controller close to lock. Remove lock batteries & green z-wave network module. Wait ~1 minute and then re-install network module and batteries. Wait ~2 minutes and then Poll the lock and test operation.
  • If this does not work, technician to exclude & re-pair lock. Contact tech support if further assistance is needed.
What should I do if the door will physically not open? Toggle

If the unit chimes to indicate code acceptance:

  • Check if there is a secondary locking device on the door.
  • Check door gaps for any foreign objects between door and frame.
  • Check that the cable is firmly connected to the PC board.
What should I do if the deadbolt will not physically lock? Toggle

Manual bolt actuation via key or turn nob will not turn deadbolt:

  • Check for sufficient clearance of bolt within strike-side jamb.
  • Correct be increasing depth and clearance as necessary.
  • Verify bolt will extend when door is open.
What should I do if the PIN codes will not work? Toggle

Code is entered correctly but does not unlock deadbolt:

  • Verify active codes & schedules in BH247.
  • Codes must be entered within 5 seconds or the process will have to be restarted.
  • Lock may be in timeout after too many incorrect code attempts. After 5 unsuccessful attempts the lock will timeout for 60 seconds.
  • Checkmark & Gear cannot be used as part of PIN code.

Upon entering a PIN code and pressing the Check key, the lock gives a series of beeps, flashes red & blue LEDs 7 times, and does not unlock:

  • All Code Lockout Mode has been enabled.
  • Factory reset and re-pairing to the controller will be required.
  • Resident codes will need to be recreated after reset.

Upon entering a PIN code and pressing the check key, the unit responds with a series of beeps and keypad flashes three times:

  • The pin code was entered incorrectly. Re-enter correct code followed by check mark key.
What should I do when there are intermittent RED flashes on Status Indicator? Toggle

This indicates low battery condition and all four batteries should be replaced with new AA alkaline batteries.

What to do if the keypad numbers are scrolling lights? Toggle

This indicates a wire harness is pinched/damaged:

  • Remove interior escutcheon and verify wire harness lies flat against the back recessed area and is properly routed along side of escutcheon and tucked under plastic cable guide.
What to do if there is Lock Failure alarm in BH247? Toggle

Check physical installation:

  • Test remotely locking through web interface.
  • Verify deadbolt can extend freely and fully. Correct as necessary.
  • When the lock failure alarm is generated, the lock will display as “Unlocked” even through the deadbolt is physically securing the door.
Pincode Program Failed alarm in BH247? Toggle

Verify lock is online and will successfully Poll:

  • Verify remote communication with lock, verify Polling success.
  • Install z-wave range extender and/or relocate controller to improve communication with lock.
  • Test lock communication by remotely actuating lock.
  • If property is occupied, verify lock state updates when actuated and Polling success.

Smart Thermostat Troubleshooting

What should I do if my thermostat is not responding to remote commands? Toggle

Verify thermostat works locally at display. If so:

  • Confirm thermostat is not powered by BOTH 24VAC & Batteries. Thermostat should be powered by one or the other, not both.
  • If thermostat was powered by both sources, remove batteries and pull off wall for power to drain from thermostat.
  • Wait ~1 minute and install thermostat on wall w/ 24VAC but do NOT install batteries. Thermostat should re-establish communication.
  • Confirm smart home system is online. Connect to resident internet via WiFi or Ethernet if possible.
What should I do if my house will not heat? Toggle

Verify thermostat set to Heat. If yes:

  • Verify HVAC unit type. If Heat Pump system, change default HVAC type settings in thermostat to appropriate system type.
What should I do if my HVAC does not switch heating/ cooling mode when commanded? Toggle

Verify operation from thermostat to eliminate z-wave connectivity issues.
If observed from thermostat panel:

  • Thermostat has Minimum Off Time and Minimum Run Time features to protect HVAC equipment from quickly switch modes and potentially damaging equipment. No action required if delayed switching is part of normal operation. Consult with HVAC technician.
What should I do if the wrong time is displayed on the thermostat? Toggle

You can change the thermostat system time by holding the Fan button for 5 seconds to enter Setup menu. Scroll to Clock and adjust accordingly.

Smart Sensor Troubleshooting

What if my door sensor does not display the correct status? Toggle

Verify door sensor device and magnet are installed and battery is okay.

What if my leak sensor does not respond to a leak? Toggle

Verify leak detector probes are installed in path of leak and battery is okay.

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